Minnesota and Ontario Residents: It is illegal to use the Hook-Set Tip-Up in your State/Province
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Most companies that say they're going out of business are just changing owners or locations and trying to fool you in to coming in for some big sale. I truly am going out of business. After 27 years encompassing the invention, patenting, development, manufacturing, marketing and introduction of the Hook-Set Tip-Up to the ice-fishing public, I am now handing it off to a larger company and closing up shop for good.

I"m proud to say that the company that will be manufacturing and distributing the Hook-Set Tip-Up from this point foward is none other than HT Enterprises, the world's premier manufacturer of ice fishing equipment!

So what does this mean for you...It means I am having an incredible GOING OUT OF BUSINESS SALE!!!

For a limited time, I'm am offering my remaining inventory of Hook-Set Tip-Ups and accessories at an amazing discount! These are the MADE IN THE USA version. Designed, manufactured, assembled, and packaged right here in Wisconsin. Every one has been in my hands and every one will be packaged and shipped to you by me...the original inventor.

The time to act is now. The time to buy is now. If you've ever considered getting your hands on a Hook-Set Tip-Up, you simply can't afford to wait any longer. Take advantage of this sale and receive 40% off the normal retail price! You will also be supporting a Wisconsin company and inventor that created this product here in Wisconsin, fishes with it in Wisconsin and will be happy to answer your questions about it for years to come. I don't expect that my stock will last this entire season, so act now to make sure you get yours!

Normal retail price for the Hook-Set Tip-Up is $40. Add the two accessories: The Hole Cover and Line Winder/Mouth Spreader, and you would pay an average of $52.00 for the combo set, plus tax.

This year only we are offering unlimited Hook-Set Tip-Ups for $25 each, and unlimited Combo Sets for $30 each. Pick them up if you're local and there is no shipping and handling. If I have to ship them, I will add $7.99 for each Hook-Set Tip-Up and $9.99 for each Combo set shipped in the USA.

The Hook-Set Tip-Up was created for one reason... to help you Catch More Fish!!! When you have a pole in your hand, and a fish bites, you make sure you have a tight line, and you set the hook. That instant is the perfect moment! The problem with other tip-ups is simply that you are never...NEVER!!!... there for that moment when the fish first hits.

Hook-Set Tip-Up
Shipping Preference

Hook-Set Tip-Up Combo Pack
Shipping Preference

The Hook-Set Tip-Up is there...at the perfect instant...to pull back when the fish strikes. Because the fish has to pull out line to set off the hook-setting mechanism, the line is always tight and the fish is swimming down or away from the hole. The pull created when the mechanism triggers hooks the fish firmly in the top or corner of the mouth and then lets it take out line until you get there to fight your fish. Flag up...FISH ON!!!

Results speak for themselves. Whether you are fishing for Northern, Walleye, Salmon, Trout, Bass...you can expect to catch 2 to 3 times more of the fish that bite, than you can with any other tip-up. That's why we say...Hook-Set Tip-Up...Flag Up...Fish On!!!

Ben Scherg Owner/Inventor
Hook-Set Tip-Up
BBJ Outdoor Innovations, LLC
Appleton, WI
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