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Minnesota and Ontario Residents: It is illegal to use the Hook-Set Tip-Up in your State/Province

After you make your purchase, I need you to send me a separate email with your name and shipping address.  Even though you have to fill it out during the order process, your shipping address does not make it to me with your order.  By sending me that second email immediately, I can ship your product most likely the same day that I receive your order.

Ben Scherg
Also: International shipping will be calculated based on location

Hook-Set Tip-Up - Flag Up...FISH ON!!! Catch fish and release the ones you don't want to keep without hurting them. The Hook-Set Tip-Up has proven itself to be a dramatic improvement over any other tip-up currently on the market. The automatic hook-setting action will immediately set the hook when the fish bites and then allow that fish to take out line until you get to your flag. The Hook-Set Tip-Up will prove itself to be 2 to 3 times more effective than any other tip-up you have ever used. Use the Hook-Set Tip-Up for: Walleye, Northern Pike, Bass, Salmon, Splake, Brown Trout, Steelhead, or any other game fish species. The Hook-Set Tip-Up is $43.99 plus $6.99 Shipping and Handling.

EXTRA PARTS – Parts are available if you do happen to break a spool or bushing. Simply e-mail Ben at Ben.Scherg@hooksettipup.com and let me know what you need. Or you can order a full set of replacement parts for $4.99 plus $2.99 Shipping and Handling. The full set includes a spool, upper bushing, lower bushing and line guide.

NEW PRODUCTS - Based on customer feedback we have designed two new products for use with the Hook-Set Tip-Up

Line Winder/Mouth Spreader - We have designed a line winder that simply attaches to the bottom of the main rod below the spool. Simply pinch the ends, slide over the main rod and reel in your line. This product also doubles as a mouth spreader so you don't need to carry an extra tool on the ice. The line winder/mouth spreader is $4.99 plus $2.99 Shipping and Handling.

Hole Cover/Tip-Up Lift - This product will help maintain a natural look under water by blocking the sun, and will dramatically reduce the amount of ice that forms on your hole. All this while helping keep the spool of the tip-up within the cylinder of ice formed by your auger to aid in proper hook sets when the mechanism triggers. The Hole Cover/Tip-Up Lift is $5.99 plus $2.99 Shipping and Handling.
Hook-Set Tip-Up Combo Pack - This Combo Pack includes: 1 Hook-Set Tip-Up, 1 Line Winder/Mouth Spreader and 1 Hole Cover Tip-Up Lift. Save on Shipping and Handling costs and receive 10% off the total cost of all three items by buying them together. The Combo Pack is $49.99 plus $8.99 Shipping and Handling.
International shipping will be calculated based on location
Minnesota and Ontario Residents: It is illegal to use the Hook-Set Tip-Up in your State/Province
Ben Scherg Owner/Inventor
Hook-Set Tip-Up
BBJ Outdoor Innovations, LLC
Appleton, WI
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