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"Ben contacted me to ask if I wanted to sell his new hook-setting tip-up in my shop. When I received the first shipment, I played with them a little and sent them back. I was concerned that they wouldn't work. When he got them back from me, Ben called and told me he was going to come up and let the Hook-Set speak for itself. After one day on the ice, the Hook-Set Tip-Up proved itself to me beyond any doubt. We caught 3 Coho Salmon, 2 Splake, a Herring and 2 Steelhead. The Coho were the first 3 salmon I have seen successfully caught on a tip-up in years! I'm going to use them every time I tip-up fish and I'm going to happily sell them in my store!"

Craig Putchat - Owner Outdoor Allure Bait Shop, Guide Service and Lodge - Washburn, WI.


"Being in the outdoor industry I have the opportunity to use a lot of new products and a lot of different tip-ups. The Hook-Set Tip-Up is definitely a product that I was impressed with today. It's very simple to use and it flat out works!"

Bob Gurskis - Midwest Outdoors TV Host.


"The Hook-Set Tip-Up instantly sets the hook when the fish bites and they are absolutely phenomenal!"

Captain Neil Sealy - Reel Striking Guide Service - Door County, WI


It was a great year of fishing with the Hook-Set Tip-Ups!! I hosted 3 fishing tournaments this past winter and fishing was great!! I introduced a lot of my friends to the Hook-Set Tip-Up during these tournaments.

The first was held on Pelican Lake. I had about 20 people at this great event. The best thing about this tournament was that most of the fish caught were Northern Pike and most of them were caught on Hook-Set Tip-Ups. Not everyone had the tip-ups but after seeing how well they worked, skeptics became believers. They were amazed by how many more fish were caught on the Hook-Set Tip-Up than were being caught on any other kind. The plain fact of the matter…you buy a great product and you get what you paid for!!

The second tournament was held on Roberts Lake. We caught a number of nice fish that day. 57 Northern Pike came through the ice. The smallest was 18 inches and the largest was 38 and ¼. Lots of friends, fun and action!! Once again the Hook Set Tip-Up was being used especially by those friends who saw them in use on Pelican Lake.

The third tournament was on Lake Matonga in Crandon. We had a beautiful day for a February weekend and had the entire lake to ourselves. There were people that used regular tip-ups and people that used Hook-Set Tip-Ups. When the flags went up on the regular ones, the fish was caught about 50% of the time. When the flags went up on the Hook-Sets, we caught that fish 98% of the time…What a difference!!

I was introduced to the Hook-Set Tip-Up for the first time last year. I was so impressed with it that I started selling it to my friends and customers. You simply have to try this Tip-Up to see the difference. You will be amazed by how many more fish you will catch on the Hook-Set Tip-Up!

Gary Ceplina – Maker of Zep’s Rods


Ben Scherg Owner/Inventor
Hook-Set Tip-Up
BBJ Outdoor Innovations, LLC
Waupaca, WI
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